Spring cleaning my mattress today!


It’s a little early for spring cleaning, but hey!, its always springtime in Florida ūüôā I followed these steps which I found at Zen Bedrooms¬†here. ¬†I included a copy of the steps to follow below but added my own comments as well. ¬†For example, I added in my special herb mixture that I like to use to freshen up the house! ¬†Comment if you try and make it yourself! ¬†I want to try different mixtures, such as with vanilla and lavender. ¬†Or maybe even orange peel for a Florida feel!

This method is suitable for a memory foam mattress, a memory foam mattress topper, pocket sprung mattress, and a variety of others.  As usual, always check the label first to make sure this type of cleaning is okay!


A stain removing formula¬†– I used OxiClean, as suggested. ¬†It’s always worked best for me!

White vinegar

Baking soda

A sieve РI used a coffee filter instead!  The holes in my sieve were too big!

Two new tennis balls¬†– I thought this would be super loud, but it wasn’t. ¬†A new trick I’m going to have to do from now on!

Dryer sheets –¬† I used basic, unscented ones. ¬†Publix brand.

Essential oil¬† I used a “fresh linen” spray. ¬†I love the smell of fresh linen!


1)     Remove and wash your memory foam mattress cover in a hot water with vinegar (about one cup).  This smells very bad so keep the laundry door shut!  I soaked mine beforehand (as suggested) in cold water and OxiClean. If you use a mattress aside from a memory foam mattress, you may find there is no cover to be removed (such as with a pocket sprung mattress)

2)      Sprinkle your bare memory foam mattress with baking soda.  Insider tip: I also added some fresh ground herbs! I mixed dried lemon peel and dried lavender, crushed and ground to a fine powder, and mixed it with the baking soda.

3)      You can either let your memory foam mattress cover air dry outside or you can dry in a dryer.  I choose a dryer and tried the tennis ball method listed above, which actually worked.  A little noisy but very cool! I usually have a problem with my linens not rotating well enough in the dryer or coming out wrinkly, but this solved that problem.

4)¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Layer your mattress with dryer sheets and sprinkle a few drops of essential oils for an added touch. ¬†I added a “fresh linen” spray. ¬†It smelled good! ¬†Especially with my secret dried herb mixture ūüôā

5)      Remake your freshly cleaned memory foam mattress or pocket sprung mattress with your newly cleaned cover and linens.

Voila! A fresh and clean new start for your mattress! ¬†Try this with your memory foam mattress or pocket sprung mattress today ūüôā