Statement pieces: bold pillow cases for a modern bedroom


As part of my job as an interior designer, I am often asked to fulfill special requirements for my clients.  This week, I have been asked to procure bold pillow cases for a modern bedroom, with a nautical theme.  My client is an avid fisherman who wants a bedroom set that reflects his tastes.  This especially includes octopuses.  In fact, he has asked me to particularly find throw pillows that are similar to the Kraken rum octopus design.  As for his sleeping pillows, he has only one requirement.  His only requirement is that the pillow cases for sleeping must fit my client’s memory foam pillows.  He will not accept any other kind of pillow so I must find a case that fits his memory foam pillows,

Now, at first I was worried about this requirement, but I have in fact found that memory foam pillows are similar in size to “normal” pillows, so I have had no problem finding pillow cases to fit them.  In fact, if anything, I have grown attached to my client’s memory foam pillows as they retain shape better than my own feather/down pillows.  While feather/down pillows tend to lose shape with time, memory foam pillows retain shape.  Because of this, they tend to look more presentable and well formed on a bed.  As any interior designer knows, the pillows are the anchor of the bed.  A well shaped pillow is integral for ascetic appeal.

So, if you are looking for a new pillow (which according to experts, should be every 12 to 18 months), than I would suggest replacing your old pillow with a memory foam pillow.  I am in the works of purchasing my own memory foam pillows as well.  With memory foam pillows, you can change your bedding set from looking sloppy to well structured.  Always be sure to pick a high quality memory foam pillow, as the point is to have a pillow that is well formed and presentable.  Now, my only problem is where to find a place that sells Kraken themed pillows!