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Skinny Black Bean Dip

Steph Stays Slim

I love this recipe! It’s quick, easy, and so delish!!


So here’s a little secret of mine…I don’t like carrots very much.  Please don’t tell on me, other healthy eating bloggers and semi-vegetarians may kick me out of their cool club!  But it’s true, I can only get myself to eat carrots if I dip them into something like hummus, this bean dip, etc.  This can take a toll on the calorie count for the day, but that’s where this bean dip comes in!  Let’s get started!


Get your ingredients together.  This  makes a small batch (about 1/2 cup) but you can double or triple it because it will keep just fine in the fridge.


Throw everything into a mixer or mini food processor like this one.  Don’t have one?  Get one, now.  But in the meantime you can make it the old fashioned way.  Smash up the beans with…

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