Statement pieces: bold pillow cases for a modern bedroom


As part of my job as an interior designer, I am often asked to fulfill special requirements for my clients.  This week, I have been asked to procure bold pillow cases for a modern bedroom, with a nautical theme.  My client is an avid fisherman who wants a bedroom set that reflects his tastes.  This especially includes octopuses.  In fact, he has asked me to particularly find throw pillows that are similar to the Kraken rum octopus design.  As for his sleeping pillows, he has only one requirement.  His only requirement is that the pillow cases for sleeping must fit my client’s memory foam pillows.  He will not accept any other kind of pillow so I must find a case that fits his memory foam pillows,

Now, at first I was worried about this requirement, but I have in fact found that memory foam pillows are similar in size to “normal” pillows, so I have had no problem finding pillow cases to fit them.  In fact, if anything, I have grown attached to my client’s memory foam pillows as they retain shape better than my own feather/down pillows.  While feather/down pillows tend to lose shape with time, memory foam pillows retain shape.  Because of this, they tend to look more presentable and well formed on a bed.  As any interior designer knows, the pillows are the anchor of the bed.  A well shaped pillow is integral for ascetic appeal.

So, if you are looking for a new pillow (which according to experts, should be every 12 to 18 months), than I would suggest replacing your old pillow with a memory foam pillow.  I am in the works of purchasing my own memory foam pillows as well.  With memory foam pillows, you can change your bedding set from looking sloppy to well structured.  Always be sure to pick a high quality memory foam pillow, as the point is to have a pillow that is well formed and presentable.  Now, my only problem is where to find a place that sells Kraken themed pillows!


Spring cleaning my mattress today!


It’s a little early for spring cleaning, but hey!, its always springtime in Florida 🙂 I followed these steps which I found at Zen Bedrooms here.  I included a copy of the steps to follow below but added my own comments as well.  For example, I added in my special herb mixture that I like to use to freshen up the house!  Comment if you try and make it yourself!  I want to try different mixtures, such as with vanilla and lavender.  Or maybe even orange peel for a Florida feel!

This method is suitable for a memory foam mattress, a memory foam mattress topper, pocket sprung mattress, and a variety of others.  As usual, always check the label first to make sure this type of cleaning is okay!


A stain removing formula – I used OxiClean, as suggested.  It’s always worked best for me!

White vinegar

Baking soda

A sieve – I used a coffee filter instead!  The holes in my sieve were too big!

Two new tennis balls – I thought this would be super loud, but it wasn’t.  A new trick I’m going to have to do from now on!

Dryer sheets –  I used basic, unscented ones.  Publix brand.

Essential oil  I used a “fresh linen” spray.  I love the smell of fresh linen!


1)     Remove and wash your memory foam mattress cover in a hot water with vinegar (about one cup).  This smells very bad so keep the laundry door shut!  I soaked mine beforehand (as suggested) in cold water and OxiClean. If you use a mattress aside from a memory foam mattress, you may find there is no cover to be removed (such as with a pocket sprung mattress)

2)      Sprinkle your bare memory foam mattress with baking soda.  Insider tip: I also added some fresh ground herbs! I mixed dried lemon peel and dried lavender, crushed and ground to a fine powder, and mixed it with the baking soda.

3)      You can either let your memory foam mattress cover air dry outside or you can dry in a dryer.  I choose a dryer and tried the tennis ball method listed above, which actually worked.  A little noisy but very cool! I usually have a problem with my linens not rotating well enough in the dryer or coming out wrinkly, but this solved that problem.

4)      Layer your mattress with dryer sheets and sprinkle a few drops of essential oils for an added touch.  I added a “fresh linen” spray.  It smelled good!  Especially with my secret dried herb mixture 🙂

5)      Remake your freshly cleaned memory foam mattress or pocket sprung mattress with your newly cleaned cover and linens.

Voila! A fresh and clean new start for your mattress!  Try this with your memory foam mattress or pocket sprung mattress today 🙂

New Year’s Resolution: Cook More



Okay so part of my New Year’s resolutions for this year is to COOK MORE!  I want to be a chef extraordinaire.  My first dish to master: Mac and cheese! How do you like yours? Creamy? Baked?  Breadcrumbs on top?  I think I prefer creamy.  Mine always get dry when they bake.  Tips and help please!

Update: crawfish



So the hubs and I went to a crawfish boil yesterday!! It was SO good.  Just as a crawfish boil should be…heaps of hot crawfish, andouille sausage, and corn on the cob boiled and laid out across picnic tables.  It was AWESOME!! I think I ate a few pounds worth.



For drinks I brought Paula Deen’s Strawberry Basil lemonade except I put mint in it instead of basil.  I brought a few bottles of Absolut citron for those who wanted a cheeky cocktail 😉 All in all, a great day!